VitroSteril Gas Plasma Sterilizers

The full series of Gas Plasma Sterilizers, with microwave and radiofrequency technology.


Plasma, known as the fourth state of matter, is widely spread throughout the universe; composed of free ions and charged particles is an electrical super conductor that affects with electromagnetic fields.


VitroSteril offers the widest series of low-temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizers now on the market, starting with the 30-litre model, with microwave and radiofrequency technology. Plasma allows sterilization at low temperatures; sterilization free of toxic residues and completely safe for humans, environment and all devices sensitive to humidity and high temperatures.


Our 24/24 active telephone Desk Check service answers any questions about what can be sterilized with hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology, you will have immediate and direct contact that can fully respond to any question or problem about sterilization.


Bench Top 40

Built on  specific needs of some customers, VitroSteril Bench Top 40 (BT 40) is suitable for both the hospital operating room and research institutes and territorial facilities.

Portability, reliability, lack of environmental emissions and residues, low cost of purchase and operation, are the features that make BT40 the ideal choice for small healthcare facilities.

BT 40

HPS Series

HPS Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer series with microwave technology offers a wide product range that meet the sterilization needs of every possible context of use.


HPS VS30 is an over-the-counter model that is particularly suitable for both the operating room and the specialist department or small healthcare facilities. HPS VS50, thanks to the deep sterilization chamber that can sterilize long surgical instruments, is the ideal choice for medical facilities such as medical hospitals, community health centers and military hospitals.


HPS VS60 is recommended for medium-sized hospitals; easy to install does not require additional services, the display shows relevant information such as sterilization conditions and progress.


HPS VS80 and HPS VS100 models are the ideal choice for medium and large hospitals, community health centers, military hospitals; sterilisation of long and large surgical instruments. The sterilization process can be easily controlled with the appropriate buttons and monitored with the appropriate display.

HPS 30HPS 50HPS 60HPS 80HPS 100

LK Series

LK is the flagship line of VitroSteril series. LK VS100 sterilizer is the intermediate model, also available with two doors for specific needs of the operating room. Designed to give maximum safety in the sterilization process through different parametric sensors that constantly and with absolute precision, pressure, temperature, humidity, at any sensitive point of the sterilization chamber.


The latest addition to VitroSteril series, LK VS150 is a high-performance instrument, extremely cheap in consumables and with very low sterilization times. LK VS200 is the largest model of the line, suitable for large sterilization centers. They both are also available with two doors. They have WiFi connection for sterilization tracking and one can upgrade and maintain them remotely; they are also prepared for the use of barcodes, which are primary in the logistic inside sterilization centers.

LK 100LK 150LK 200
VitroSteril Accessories and Consumables


VitroSteril offers its customers the best accessories to use with sterilisers and consumables at a competitive price such as biological indicators, chemical indicators, hydrogen peroxide cassettes and cartridges, non-woven fabric, instrument trays, packages etc.