Air sterilization

Air sterilization using gas plasmaThe PLASMA, is known as the fourth state of matter, widely distributed throughout the universe, consists of free ions and charged particles, also is a super conductor of electricity that affects electromagnetic fields. In a nutshell it is a gas with large internal energy to power band that emits neutral free radicals when the outer electrons vengoni affected by electromagnetic discharges.

Effects of plasma

a) Chemical effects: the free radicals of the plasma can easily have a chemical reaction with contaminated materials, leading to infertility
b) Biological effect: the plasma sterilization by electrons that destroy the cell wall of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms
c) Physical effects: massive amounts of positive and negative ions collide with the foreign particles contained in the air, transforming them into charged particles that are forced to polymerize and to settle under the influence of strong electromagnetic field, eventually they will be retained by filters.

effetti effectsSystem configuration

initial filter + filter effect of the plasma generator means + + + absorption filter polymers and negative ions + HEPA filter
Description of the process
The dirty air, driven by a circulation fan, through the initial filter that removes large particles such as dust, then passes through the filter means so as to remove additional dust particles and substances thinner.
The air thus filtered enters into the “Plasma Sterilization Area”, where free radicals plasma kill all microorganisms remained together with contaminated particles in the air. Finally, the HEPA filter provides to further improve air quality retaining even the dead bacteria.