VitroSteril is a division of RBChimica specialized in surgical, medical and environmental sterilization. The wide range of products mainly uses gas plasma sterilization technologies, the newest frontier of modern sterilization. The experience gained in all medical disciplines and the team of specialists at its disposal allows VitroSteril to resolve any structural problems in medicine and surgery universe, up to offer their advice on creating hospitals and centers of research.

Ferri chirurgici sterilizzazione

RBChimica was founded in Genova in 1979 in order to produce reagents for clinical chemistry, cytology and histology. In 1981 our laboratories and offices have been moved to La Spezia, where the activity had a strong push evolutionary and a strong growth in the medical-scientific field, driven by new investigative and analytical technologies.
The company specializes in the production of scientific laboratories for the various needs of research and in clinical chemistry routine: hematology, serology, bacteriology, toxicology and pathology so in physical chemistry applied to the food industry, explosives, paints, textile, oil and process environmental and industrial finally on college and school laboratories in general.
It develops the same activities in the field of medical surgical disciplines, from basic single-use products to specialized ones, from diagnostic equipment to logistics support systems.